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American Accent Training – Tips for a More Successful Training The internet has allowed several American companies to outsource various services to workers located outside the US. There are now several call centers which are established in other countries which includes Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Aside from call centers, there are also several web designers, virtual assistants and merchants who are enjoying the opportunity. Hospitals, construction sites and cruise ships are also hiring people who have the willingness to work and earn money. The only problem here is communication. Although these jobs require a level of proficiency in English language, this may not always be enough. US employers choose to hire workers who are good in speaking and understanding English language. Employers have no time and money to train their workers to communicate well. For those who want to get more chances of being hired, then you need to consider getting an American accent training. Following are helpful points to consider in order to improve and learn American accent fast while on training.
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– First, you should know that every language, including English has a rhythm. You should acquire an English language tape and listen to it over and over again. It’s good to play it while your cleaning, gardening or driving your car. You should familiarize the rhythm of English language.
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– It is good to interact with speakers using American language. You should check how these speakers construct their words and sentences. Take note of the idiomatic expressions they use and intend to use it someday. The way they open and move their mouths and lips should also be noted. – When speaking, breathe calmly and slowly. If you speak at the right tempo, then people will understand you. Once you are gaining more confidence, then you can speed it up. – You should spend time reading English books everyday. In this way, you will be able to meet the metaphors and common expressions of these English people. After, tape yourself while reading the book. After recording, you should listen to it and determine which words should be improved. – Lastly, the feedback you can gather from your friends and colleagues will do a big thing. They will sure help you determine the areas that needs to be focused on. Aside learning from American English speakers, you should also watch American movies and music. You will sure be surprised how much these can help you learn. Using these simple tips above, you will be able to learn American accent faster than you expect to learn. However, you should also ensure that you have the willingness to learn. Your willingness can take you a long way and will eventually lead you to the desired success.